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Fauna Mecanica (Mechanical Animals) Diego Mazzeo

Fauna Mecanica (Mechanical Animals) Diego Mazzeo

This Arbor Day, Let’s Appreciate the Trees

Arbor Day Graphic
Arbor Day Graphic

Today is Arbor Day, a time to appreciate and plant the trees that give our planet clean air, fresh water and the vibrant life we enjoy each moment. Global deforestation continues to run rampant – with much of it happening in the air-giving rain forests of the world – but each day we can make a difference with our buying choices and by raising awareness so important to the preservation of trees.

Here are five articles from our archives that highlight the plight and the beauty of the forested world.

Bowthorpe Oak

The Most Special Trees In The World Captured By One Photographer On a Mission

All trees are special, but photographer Beth Moon has been on a journey to collect the most unique examples. Her search for the world’s most famous, unique, gigantic, and oldest trees has covered the globe and resulted in an incredible series of black and white images. Explore more here.

Trembling Giants

A Visualization of the Earth’s Oldest Trees

Speaking of special trees, Michael Paukner has created an exceptional look at the world’s oldest. To keep many of these ancient trees safe, their exact locations are kept secret.


Henrique Oliveira’s Incredible Tree Sculptures

We’re big fans of the work of Henrique Oliveira, his signature sculptures channel the forms of trees on a grand scale, while using a material created from them – scrap bits of plywood. He sources the natural resource from the streets of Brazil – a hot spot for deforestation. See how this artist is reusing this precious wood product here.


Could Drones Plant Billions of Trees Around the World to Combat Deforestation?

Drones get a lot of bad press, but here’s an idea that is downright inspiring. An international team is planning to use drones to replant forests a billion trees at a time. Read our article on the concept and let us know if you think it will work.

Tree Sculptures

Living Tree Sculptures

Making art from trees doesn’t have to do them any harm. For years artists have been working with nature to create living tree sculptures (or ‘tree shaping’). They slowly form trees into bizarre and beautiful shapes using techniques like grafting and espalier. See more examples here.

See more of our articles about trees, from art to conservation, here.

They’re here…

They’re here…

Mike Vargas’ HyperrealismCheck out these sticky, vibrant,...

splitminded: Matt Vial

Xalapa Museum, Veracruz, La Venta, Olmec. Photo taken by Octavio...

Xalapa Museum, Veracruz, La Venta, Olmec. Photo taken by Octavio Medellin in 1959.

Courtesy of SMU Central University Libraries, via Flcikr.

Katy Keene Comics Digest Magazine #4 (1988)

Katy Keene Comics Digest Magazine #4 (1988)

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The Surf At Umina Beach philipwernerfoto: Summer evening in the...

The Surf At Umina Beach


Summer evening in the surf at Umina Beach.

Philip Werner

February 2015

missmonroes: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw at the St....


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw at the St. Regis Hotel, NYC, 1954

nevver: Vanitas, Otto Dix


Vanitas, Otto Dix

urbnindustrial: London Warehouse Conversion