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`.Steampunker: Russi

`.Steampunker: Russi

"A beleza se torna transparente quando o caráter é um lixo."

“A beleza se torna transparente quando o caráter é um lixo.”

- Desconhecido

fake-dildo: a sketch a day keeps the thots away


a sketch a day keeps the thots away

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Westminster Abbey Gary Defty

Westminster Abbey Gary Defty

Historical Burns From Masters Of The Comeback I hope...

Historical Burns From Masters Of The Comeback

I hope you’ve got a healthy supply of Aloe Vera… These men and women were so quick and witty that the very content of their biting conversations has lasted long into their posterity. How badass is Winston Churchill, by the way?

Source: Imgur user learn2post

“Quando te vi pela primeira vez sem jeito, de repente, te vi assim como se não fosse ver nunca mais. E seria bom que eu não tivesse visto nunca mais.”

- Caio Fernando Abreu

Bringing the Spirit of the Burning Man Temple to Northern Ireland

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-16

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-16

Every year since 2000, the Burning Man gathering has featured a massive wood structure called the “Temple”. Since its introduction, the ornately designed buildings have become one of the most special places for those who attend. In an environment that celebrates all kinds of radical free expression, the temple inspires reflection, contemplation and honoring. It is a sanctuary where those that come can heal, grieve loved ones or just sit in peace. After one week of its existence, it is gracefully burned, a symbolic “letting go” for some. Now, in its last day seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, the spirit of the Temple could be flying all the way to the Northern Irish town of Derry for March 2015.

The Artichoke Trust, a London based creative production company asked Temple builder and architect David Best to come to Northern Ireland and build a version for the community of Derry. Due to differences in religion and politics the city itself has been tense through the years, and while achieving harmony in such sensitive subjects can take time, the experience of the Derry Temple could help heal the past and gracefully enter the future.

See Also Interview with Burning Man Artist Kirsten Berg

The currently running Kickstarter campaign aims to raise the remaining funds for building and logistics. The project is already partially funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and will be entirely built by local Derry citizens under the leadership of David Best and his core crew. Check out the campaign video above, and send in your support quick – it ends in just hours.

“I find that making art together with people usually breaks down a whole lot of really radical barriers, I know that it does that.” -David Best

Design for Temple in Derry, 2015

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-1

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-5

burning man temple 1111

temple unity

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-7

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-8

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-9

Swag for those who donate to the project

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-12

Sculpture in Derry

Derry City MUST credit Image courtesy of Tourism Ireland/Chris Hill

Temple Builder, David Best

temple-burning man-artichoke-david-best-13

“Milhares de pessoas acreditam que ler é difícil, ler é chato, ler dá sono, e com isso atrasam seu desenvolvimento, atrofiam suas ideias, dão de comer a seus preconceitos, sem imaginar o quanto a leitura os libertaria dessa vida estreita.

Ler civiliza.”

- Martha Medeiros

Unknown Photographer - Have had this for a long time; I can’t find anything on it. Anyone know?

Jane Fonda for ‘Barbarella’, 1968.

Jane Fonda for ‘Barbarella’, 1968.

Chorus girls getting dressed in black cat costumes c. 1940s

Chorus girls getting dressed in black cat costumes c. 1940s